Mission Critical 24/7

Improve Safety, Health & Performance in your workspace.

Highly skilled employees running critical areas of your company are some of your most valuable assets.

To support your key employees, your lighting systems should be optimized for alertness during working hours which can benefit their safety, health, and productivity. Energetic luminaires with Patented Vitality™ cyan boosted technology added to your facility is the solution.


Boost Health, Safety, and Performance in The Workplace

  • Boosted Alertness and VigilanceThe amount of Cyan boosted light from our product is engineered to suppress melatonin production which can help to maintain alertness, the same way exposure to sunlight does. Alertness can translate into Increased productivity, higher retention of information, and improvements in workplace safety.

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Enhancing productivity and alertness in the workplace.

The workplace fatigue, not related to energy spent, can occur where people working in offices that have little to no sunlight. Fatigue typically is experienced in the later part of a shift and occurs due to a combination of factors such as lack of Sunlight “Cyan wavelengths”, quality of sleep, diet, physical health. Without cyan boosted wavelengths such as provided with Vitality™ luminaires there more than likely is not sufficient melatonin suppression thus the results of the workplace blues. This can result in a lack of focus, productivity, and workplace safety.


Increased Productivity,
Alertness and Safety

Benefits of Vitality Lights for your employees:

  • Alertness

  • Productivity

  • Higher Energy

  • Safety

  • Greater Work satisfaction

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Elevating Healthcare with Vitality™ LED to Improve alertness, productivity,
performance, and safety.

Vitality™ luminaires are engineered to boost cyan wavelengths that suppress melatonin production during working hours. Melatonin suppression during working hours benefits a normal circadian rhythm. “sleep wake pattern” which improves health of staff.


Many healthcare environments are not illuminated in the daytime with sunlight.  From nurses stations, corridors, labs, and dining areas the chance of exposure to the suns naturally boosted cyan wavelengths during the day is minimal let alone during night shifts. With Vitality™ not only do we boost the cyan wavelengths we also provide higher light efficiency than standard LED all the while suppressing melatonin production.


Create the Optimal Healing Environment for Every Stage of Patient Care

Potential Benefits of Vitality Lights for your employees:

  • Alertness

  • Productivity

  • Higher Energy

  • Safety

  • Greater Work satisfaction

All of which benefits patients



Improve focus and alertness for every area in educational facilities

Vitality™ luminaires are engineered bring daylight cyan spectrums to increase alertness, and the potential for higher retention while providing a quality of life for students with the best focus. Many students are often exposed to the wrong kind of light during the day and then exposing themselves to the same light late into the evening. Standard light doesn’t not suppress melatonin which creates an environment of lower alertness and productivity. For Staff and teachers who stay late the boost of alertness and productivity can increase effectiveness of their jobs to educate or fulfill their responsibilities. For Students the boost by Vitality™ light suppresses the melatonin production to then enhance studying and in relations could boost student averages in tests.


Benefits of Vitality LED for Students and Staff

For Students:

  • Alertness

  • Productivity

  • Higher Energy

  • Safety

  • Greater study satisfaction

All of which benefits educators


Gain the competitive edge.

With days ending sooner in winter months the daylight can be nonexistence by 4 pm most evenings and as human-beings we are incredibly sensitive to blue types of light. Most LED and Standard lights contain rich blue light when it only takes a small amount of light to disrupt sleep and undermine the benefits of workouts. Which in most cases of jet-lag customers become unmotivated and won't return to a workout with the same energy as if practice or workouts were done in the day.

The Answer to Health & Productivity is in the Light Spectrum. 

Across a 24 hour day our bodies and eyes are exposed to different levels of lighting which we are incredibly sensitive to. A rich palate of violet, blue green, yellow, and red lights combined to make white light standard in both daylight and electric light. In the morning blue rich light wakes us up and synchronizes our biological clock, but the same light at dusk can disrupt sleep and disrupt circadian rhythms.


Vitality™ Improving Safety, Fitness, Endurance and Health

Benefits of Vitality lights for Gym Members:

  • Boost physical workout performance 

  • Improves alertness, mood and sense of well-being

  • Suppresses the melatonin to increase productivity and safety indoors

  • Could reduces the risk of injury or accidents  

Benefits for Gym Staff and Owners:

  • Increase your staff energy, performance and alertness 

  • Reduce your employee's from being absent from fatigue 

  • Key feature is for new members looking for a new fitness center Vitality™ will be there to energize 

Benefits of Vitality for Athletes:

  • Performance of physical workout boosting

  • Promotes sleep at night and prevents circadian disruption 

  • Lessen the effect of time zone changes (jetlag)

  • Improves reaction times and alertness

  • Reduces injury rates, accidents and fatigue